Tuesday, April 04, 2006


South Carolina: Critical Thinking

Having failed to pressure the South Carolina Board of Education to write intelligent design and creationist inspired criticisms of evolution in its science curriculum, state Rep. Bob Walker, is now working to have biology textbooks re-written.

Bill Robinson of The State reports that the House education subcommittee, by a 3-2 vote, authorized the addition of language to a Senate bill that directs the state Board of Education to approve only textbooks that “emphasize critical thinking and analysis in each academic content.”
“This has nothing to do with intelligent design or creationism,” Walker said. “It’s a way to help young people to look at things more realistically.”

Those who wish to employ their critical thinking skills may wish to view Walker's statement through the lens of his previous statements, as reported by The Post and Courier:
Robert Staton, a Republican candidate for state school superintendent; Sen. Mike Fair, R-Greenville, and Rep. Robert Walker, R-Landrum - argue that the state should consider including intelligent design, and in Walker's case biblical Creationism, in the science curriculum.

For our part, we think Walker is taking a big chance in asking citizens to think realistically. After all, who knows where it may lead. Will citizens apply their newly acquired critical thinking skills when entering the voting booth? Will they begin to demand competence and integrity from their legislators?

Will they blithely accept the sophistry of a man who on Monday demands that creation "science" be taught in biology class and turns around on Tuesday to say he's not interested in creationism or intelligent design -- he only wants to teach critical thinking?


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