Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Science: It's Not Just for Scientists Anymore

Pat Joseph posting on the Sierra Club's Compass blog about filmmaker Randy Olson's "Flock of Dodos" asks, "[s]hould scientists be active, civic-minded ambassadors for their own ideas? Or should they stay holed-up in their ivory towers and let the rest of us try to suss out where the truth lies based on whatever we can glean from the news media? What do they risk (or gain) by weighing in on public debate?"

No question where Red State Rabble stands on this issue, we're with Olson. But, it's not just scientists, in our opinion, who must take responsibility.

The push to inject intelligent design into public schools and to cast doubt on evolution isn't really a science issue alone. Rather, it's but one front in the larger culture war that's raging just now.

Americans who want to defend the Constitution against attacks by the radical right, who support tolerance, and separation of church and state must step forward and take action, as well.


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