Monday, April 24, 2006


Patzer tied to right-wing PAC

Right-wing incumbent Iris Van Meter has decided not to run for Kansas School Board again. Her son-in-law Brad Patzer, newly arrived from the Republic of Idaho, is running in her place.

Patzer hasn't exactly run as a stealth candidate, as Van Meter did when she was elected in 2002. He was, apparently, so deeply outraged by the thought of students putting condoms on bananas in sex education classes, he couldn't keep quiet about his extreme right views.

Any remaining doubt about where he might stand on the issues was erased this past week when the Federal Election Commission posted federal election campaign reports. The report of the ultra-right Free Academic Inquiry and Research Federal PAC -- formed to raise money to elect creationist candidates to the Kansas School Board -- lists a single contribution to a candidate during the first three months of the year -- Brad Patzer, who got the maximum allowable $500 during the primary election cycle.

Just before the end of 2005, FAIR funneled the maximum contributions to right-wing candidates Connie Morris, John Bacon, and Ken Willard.

Jana Shaver, a moderate Republican educator from Independence will face Patzer in the August primary. Kent Runyan, an education professor at Pittsburg State University and a Democrat, will face the winner in November.


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