Saturday, April 15, 2006


Michigan: Creation "Science" Evolves

Michigan House bill 5606, introduced last January by Rep. Brian Palmer, R-Macomb Town-ship, is still working its way through the legislative process. If enacted it would require the Michigan Department of Education to change the science curriculum to "include using the scientific method to critically evaluate scientific theories and using relevant scientific data to assess the validity of those theories and formulate arguments for and against those theories."

Although evolution is not mentioned in Palmer's bill, according to Jeffrey Hogan, "its language about using 'the scientific method to critically evaluate scientific theories' is taken verbatim from House bill 5251, which specifically targets theories of global warming and evolution. Palmer was a cosponsor of that bill, as well as another which would have amended the state science standards to refer to "the theory that life is the result of the purposeful, intelligent design of a creator."

Biblical literalists may not believe in evolution, but they certainly aren't shy about evolving their strange notion of "creation science" into "intelligent design" and, when that fell apart, evolving again to "critical analysis."


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