Friday, April 28, 2006


Is Bacon Running?

Nick Haines, host of KCPT's Kansas City Week in Review, fields a question from the audience.

At last night's 3rd District State School Board Candidate Forum, Cynthia Gensheimer, Shawnee Mission PTA Legislative Chair introduced the event by explaining that she'd invited incumbent school board member John Bacon to participate in the event on three separate occasions.

"He never responded," said Gensheimer.

Moderator Nick Haines, the host of KCPT's Kansas City Week in Review, told the crowd gathered at Shawnee Mission West High School for the event that he'd spoken to Bacon earlier that evening. Bacon told him, Haines said, that he would decide by May 9 whether or not he was running for re-election. The deadline to file is June 12.

Bacon has accepted $2,000 from a group of right-wing PACs associated with the Kansas Republican Assembly for the primary election cycle.

Although Bacon did not participate in last night's candidate forum, three challengers for Bacon's seat on the board were present: Harry McDonald, a moderate Republican and former president of Kansas Citizens for Science, Don Weiss, a Democrat, and David Oliphant, a Republican.


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