Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Get Smart Wise

Christianity Today has published an article chronicling the transition at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary from ID advocate William Dembski to creationist Kurt Wise that's not, shall we say, overly kind to intelligent design.
While the press railed against efforts to introduce Intelligent Design into classrooms, spokespersons at the Discovery Institute routinely distanced their theory from creationism and from those who wanted to teach ID in science classrooms. At the same time, creationists were warning their millions of followers about the dangers of ID. Its foundation in science, not the Bible; its willingness to accept large aspects of evolutionary theory; and perhaps a little jealousy of ID's quick rise to prominence make ID unacceptable to creationists.

Besides, they don't need ID's help to topple evolution. They're doing just fine.

The big tent may be open, but that doesn't mean it isn't empty.


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