Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Flock of Dodos in the New York Times

According to Cornelia Dean of the New York Times, when filmmaker Randy Olson, who made the film Flock of Dodos: The Evolution -- Intelligent Design Circus "watches the advocates of intelligent design at work, he sees pleasant people who speak plainly, convincingly and with humor. When scientists he knows talk about evolution, they can be dour, pompous and disagreeable, even with one another. His film challenges them to get off their collective high horse and make their case to ordinary people with — if they can muster it — a smile.

We don't think this is always the case, certainly, Ken Miller and Eugenie Scott are plain spoken and use a lot of humor to make their case. Biologist PZ Myers is an excellent communicator. His blog Pharyngula is a great resource. Even so, we must learn to do a better job telling our story. About that, Randy Olson is certainly correct. His film a call to action.


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