Thursday, April 06, 2006


A Falling Out Between Dembski and DaveScot in the Offing?

Feerless leader, William Dembski, placed a call to the Department of Homeland Security the other day to report University of Texas ecologist Eric Pianka as a dangerous eco-terrorist who plans to wipe out 90 percent of the world's population with a variant of the Ebola virus.

Minutes ago, Dembski's acolyte, DaveScot posted a link to the audio of a question and brief follow-up by a reporter for the Gazette-Enterprise to Pianka, following his speech at St. Edward's University.

Pianka response? "I don't advocate killing people."

DaveScot's measured analysis? "My take on the St. Edwards speech is it paints Pianka as an alarmist crackpot, and nothing else."

They say it takes one to know one, but we still can't tell who's in the best position to know, Dembski or DaveScot.


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