Monday, April 24, 2006


Connie's Nasty-Gram

The Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission has sent Connie Morris' campaign committee a letter stating:
According to the reports filed with the Secretary of State, the following PACs report making contributions to Connie Morris.
These contributions were not reported by your campaign. If these contributions were received, they must be reported on Schedule A (Contributions and Other Receipts) on the January 10, 2006 Report.
The letter, signed by KGE Commission Executive Director Carol Williams, notes that, "The intentional failure to file an amended report within thirty (30) days is a class A misdemeanor. In additionl you may not accept contributions or make expenditures following the end of the thirty (30) day period if the amended report has not been filed."
That letter was dated March 15, and Morris failed to respond.
A second letter from Williams, dated April 19 gives Morris 15 days --or until May 4 -- to comply with the reporting requirements before a civil penalty is imposed for each day the required document remains unfiled.
It really shouldn't be too hard for Morris to comply. All four contributions are from Political Action Committees that share the same post office box -- PO Box 626 in Topeka. All four contributions come from PACs that share the same treasurer -- Merrilee Martin. All four PACs were set up to elect radical right-wing Republicans, like Connie. All four PACs function as a single slush fund to circumvent the state's $500 contribution limit for state board of education candidates.
You don't suppose Connie has accepted any more contributions since the 30 day deadline expired? No, she wouldn't do that.

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