Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Connie Morris: Bad Fruit

Administrators from the Blue Valley School District in suburban Kansas City traveled to Topeka yesterday to explain the district's book selection process to the state board of education after Steve Abrams referred to books such as "Beloved," by Toni Morrison, "Black Boy," by Richard Wright and "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," by Ken Kesey as "porn."

The district's explanation that students, teachers, parents, and administrators are involved in the literature selection process didn't satisfy some on the board, however.

“The material in some of the books is very disturbing,” said board member Connie Morris, a St. Francis Republican. Morris said she fears that books featuring a suicide, a rape or other negative images and themes could influence students.

“A bad tree can’t bear good fruit,” she said.

Based Morris' statement, Red State Rabble is calling for her immediate resignation from the state school board.

Morris, you see, is the author of an autobiography, From the Darkness: One Woman's Rise to Nobility that exposes a side of Connie we don't see much anymore.

Morris' autobiography reveals that she "frolicked in free love, drowned in drugs and endured domestic violence and sexual abuse before giving herself to Christ," according to a profile by Justin Kendall published in The Pitch.

If, as Connie says, a bad tree can't bear good fruit, then she should do the responsible thing and remove herself from the board immediately.

One other question. Would Connie vote to ban her own book?


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