Friday, April 28, 2006


Are you wearing that?

Is biologist Ken Miller a candidate for the "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" television program? Jacob Stokes, a staff writer for The Maneater, the student newspaper at the University of Missouri - Columbia, observes:
Goateed and slightly balding, Miller wore a brown belt and all-black Nikes with a black suit. What he lacked in fashion sense, he made up with an Ivy League professor’s knowledge of biology. Miller had a message.

Nice small article on Miller's talk, laced with Show-me State humor, which includes a number of interesting details, including this:

“Miller is a remarkable example of a scientist as a civic servant. He’s a remarkable example for the students,” says Frank Schmidt, a professor of biochemistry at MU.

Red State Rabble, we fear, is also fashion-challenged. Fortunately, most of the time we are blissfully unaware of the fact. Until, that is, one of our daughters rolls her eyes at us and enquires, are you wearing that?


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