Thursday, March 23, 2006


Unfortunate or Lazy

An editorial in the Tahlequah Daily Press asks if Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern can read.
Either literacy is a problem for her, or she has simply chosen to ignore the ruling handed down by a U.S. district judge appointed by George W. Bush.Late last year, Judge John E. Jones barred a Pennsylvania public school district from imposing an “intelligent design” curriculum in biology classes. Based on the evidence, Jones determined that school board members in the Dover district were trying to slip creationism in through the back door, and further, that a couple of the so-called “Christian” board members intent on imposing their own beliefs upon students had also lied under oath.

Promoting her particular brand of religion in the classroom seems to be on the agenda of Kern, a Republican member of the Oklahoma House representing a segment of Oklahoma City residents who are either unfortunate or lazy.


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