Wednesday, March 01, 2006


South Carolinians for Science Education Call for Letter Writing Campaign

The South Carolina school reform oversight panel has recommended that high school biology teachers instruct students in how to "critically analyze" evolution -- which would open the door to teaching "intelligent design" and other theories on the origin of human life, according to Bill Robinson of The State.

In response, South Carolinians for Science Education is calling for a letter writing campaign:
Our initial plan, writes Dr. Robert Dillion, a professor of biology at the College of Charleston, was to inundate all 17 members of the State Board of Education with a mass email campaign. But the general consensus now is that a single, personal snail-mail letter is probably worth 20 emails. So the new plan is to make our case the old-fashioned way, one on one, with stamps.
RSR readers should take a look at SCSE's website and give them a hand with the letter writing campaign. You'll find a sample letter and the addresses of the members of the school reform oversight panel here. And don't forget, the National Center for Science Education has some tips for writing effective letters, here.


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