Saturday, March 11, 2006


Salina Journal Calls for Local Board to Reject State Science Standards

An editorial in the Salina Journal says the State School Board's definition of science ought to be rejected by local school board:

The Manhattan [Kansas] School Board did a smart thing two weeks ago when members voted to reject the definition of science adopted by the politically charged Kansas State Board of Education. The Salina School Board should follow its

A letter signed by 200 faculty members at Kansas State University prompted the Manhattan resolution. It urges the local school board to approve a resolution adopting a definition of science that is different from the state board's.

These standards, approved by extremists holding a majority of BOE seats, allow supernatural explanations for things in the natural universe...

Salina School Board members should show their support of public education by adopting a resolution similar to the Manhattan School Board. Education interests rise above religious or political agendas. Let's send that message loud and clear.


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