Friday, March 17, 2006


Litigious Larry's Silence

As has already been widely reported both in the MSM and the blogosphere, a federal judge in San Francisco has dismissed a lawsuit brought by Litigious Larry Caldwell, against a University of California -- Berkeley website Understanding Evolution.

The suit was filed last October with great fanfare. At the time, Caldwell called the Berkeley website a "stunning example of hypocrisy, the same people who so loudly proclaim that they oppose discussion of religion in science classes are clamoring for public school teachers to expressly use theology in order to convince students to support evolution."

The Discovery Institute's Evolution News and Views and the right-wing Christian World Net Daily both beat the drums loudly for Litigious Larry's lawsuit.

Now, guess which sites on the web have been utterly silent about the dismissal of this frivolous lawsuit? Here's a bonus question, why is it that those on the right who bray so loudly for tort reform seem to be the ones who also back nuisance suits like Caldwell's?


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