Friday, March 31, 2006


The (Imaginary) War on Christians

Rick Scarborough, president of Vision American, says the war on Christians is real, really, really, real. In a letter published yesterday in USAToday, Scarborough offers an number of examples, including this:

... in October 2004, a group of Christians was arrested in Philadelphia for peacefully witnessing at a city-sponsored gay pride event. The City of Brotherly Love tried to prosecute the group for a number of felonies for which they could have served years in prison if convicted.

Peacefully witnessing? You be the judge. Here's an excerpt from report on the incident from

... the "crime" the eleven were arrested for had nothing to do with Bible reading but everything to do with being disruptive of the peaceable assembly of others to the point that it looked like they were attempting to incite a riot.
Those who follow the link to will learn that this incident has been misrepresented by the radical religious right for years. According to police, the protesters acted in a disorderly manner at the gay pride event, blocked a public street, and disobeyed police orders.

So, if you deny "Christians" the right to harass gays -- which they see as a God-given -- you are waging war on Christians. Next thing you know, you won't be able to beat up gays when the urge strikes. What's this country coming to?


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