Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Fort Hays State Faculty Senate Rejects ID

In response to the Kansas Board of Education's 2005 Science Standards, Fort Hays State University's Faculty Senate recently approved a statement of opposition and endorsed endorsed a position statement by the Kansas Association of Teachers of Science, presented to them by Dr. Paul Adams, Anschutz professor of education and physics.

At February's meeting, the FHSU Faculty Senate passed Resolution 05-02, stating that the senate does not support including intelligent design in state education science standards. The Faculty Senate resolution reads:

In response to the recent decision to include Intelligent Design in the Kansas state science standards, the Faculty Senate of Fort Hays State University resolves:

It is the role and responsibility of the scientific community to assess the merit of the subject matter taught in the science classrooms of our public schools. As such, the Faculty Senate of Fort Hays State University does not support the inclusion of material, such as Intelligent Design, which has so far failed to withstand scientific scrutiny based on rigorous and verifiable peer-reviewed research.

The Kansas Association of Teachers of Science position statement says in part:


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