Friday, March 10, 2006


The Dry Ground of Simplicity

The stress of recent world events and conflicting world views have likely fueled the rising interest in religious fundamentalism, said Rabbi Elissa Sachs-Kohen.

"Increasingly, traditionalists of many religions try to make sense of this deluge by retreating to a dry ground of simplicity," Sachs-Kohen said. "They hold fast to literal understandings of God and the world that admit no shades of gray, no confusion, no lack of clarity. And they do so in an attempt to hold at bay the complexity of our world and all the anxieties that go along with that complexity."

But Judaism advocates looking at the world through many prisms, she said. "Faith is not the only prism through which to view the world, nor is science a threat to faith."

This, and much more sensible thinking from a daylong interfaith discussion entitled "Where do Faith and Science Meet: Intelligent Design, a Case Study" at the Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Sisterhood can be found in an article by Linda Strowbridge in the Owings Mills Times.


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