Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Dazzle Them With Science

WorldNetDaily, RSR's own personal go-to source for news of the weird, displays the charming feature of publishing writers who don't, apparently, bother to read their own words before rushing them into print. Want an example? Of course you do.

Here's Lynn Barton writing on why intelligent design is purely science-driven enterprise:
First, what I.D. theory is not: It is not creationism. Full disclosure here: I am a creationist. As a Christian, I believe God is the author of life. But I.D. theory is a science-driven enterprise. It is not a deduction from Scripture but an inference from observation. It says that the intricate design found in living things and in the universe itself is best explained by an intelligent cause.
So, why would a self-confessed creationist be at all interested in the "science" of intelligent design? Barton tells us that ID gives hope for the future:
Perhaps closest to Christian hearts, I.D. theory will help our children develop a thoroughly Christian worldview.

Not to mention the added benefit of putting homosexuals in their place:
But intelligent design is on the move, and this is a great gift to everyone, especially Christians...

For example, conservatives and Christians are having a difficult time making the case against homosexual marriage. Thousands of years of exclusively heterosexual marriage mean nothing to those with a Darwinist worldview. Why, they are far more evolved than those benighted cultures in the misty past. To them, tradition is oppressive; destroying it is progress. Why shouldn't people be able to "love" whomever they want? How will it hurt your marriage?

How indeed.


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