Monday, March 20, 2006


Brad Patzer: The Condom on Bananas Conundrum

Last Thursday, when Red State Rabble first broke the story that Republican Brad Patzer, a recently announced State Board of Education candidate from Southeast Kansas, was Iris Van Meter's son-in-law, we said we'd withhold judgement until we heard from him on the issues.

Well, the waiting is over.

Unlike his mother-in-law, who is not seeking re-election, Patzer will not run as a stealth candidate. He will, however, carry on the family tradition of ultra-right lunacy.

In today's Pittsburg Morning Sun (reg. req.), Patzer expresses concern over sex education:
"I like the idea of knowing when somebody is going to be teaching my son or daughter how to put a condom on a banana," Patzer said. "That's something that is a little bit controversial. I think that's something that should be left up to the parents."

Patzer, who very recently moved to Kansas from northern Idaho where he was teaching at the Falls Christian Academy, is excited by the current board's direction and envisions big doings once he's a part of the theocratic majority:
"I'm very interested in what's happening here in Kansas and being a part of the policy changes that are taking place," Patzer said. "I just felt like it was time to go beyond my smaller world and try to make a difference at a little bit bigger level."

Moderate Republican Jana Shaver will face Patzer in the primary. The winner will face Kent Runyan, a Pittsburg State education professor, in the general election.


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