Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Asking Difficult Questions

The Columbia Missourian, which has had consistently good coverage on the intelligent design craze, reports that four term Columbia (Missouri) School Board member Elton Fay has seen more public scrutiny after a remark he made last summer:
“If the teacher is teaching macro evolution as a fact, rather than a theory, then they need to ask them some of the difficult questions that evolutionists cannot answer,” Fay said in the report. “I think those are the questions that kids ought to be taught, that there is no real explanation, other than God.”

Asked about that statement on Marcy 8, Fay reportedly responded:
“God has been around a lot longer than I have been or you have been,” Fay responded. He concluded his answer by saying, “You want to have a very unsuccessful school? Take God out of that school and see where it goes.”

Have we mentioned there's a school board election coming up in Columbia?


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