Friday, February 17, 2006


You Don't Need a Weatherman

Jim Edwards, a governmental relations specialist with the Kansas Association of School Boards believes the Kansas School Board that takes office in January 2007 could be philosophically quite different from the one setting policy now, according to Carol Bronson of the Pratt Tribune in Central Kansas.

Four of six board members, who Edwards describes as being among the conservative majority, are up for re-election, including Ken Willard, a Republican, who represents Pratt County.

Willard is the only only conservative incumbent who has filed with the Secretary of State's office to date.

Willard defends the new intelligent design inspired science standards as providing an objective way to teach that there may be other explanations for the origin of human life besides evolution, not "a way to sneak religion into public schools." The Kansas Association of School Boards, whose members represent all the local Boards of Education in the state, opposes the State Board's modification of "scientific standards developed by the scientific community."


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