Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Vanderbuilt Lecture Series on Intelligent Design

"Rodney Stark, sociology and religion author, will speak at Vanderbilt four times starting Feb. 14 as the first Templeton Research Fellow. The lecture series, funded by a $270,000 grant from the Matanexus Institute, will allow scholarly exchange between religious and scientific thinkers over the next three years at Vanderbilt," according to Blake Farmer of the Nashville City Paper.
Intelligent design, sometimes called scientific creationism, suggests a creator played a role in some part of the evolution of life, usually the origin of life itself. [Richard] Haglund [a Vanderbilt physics professor] said that theory is impossible to test scientifically. Thus, many scholars believe that a good scientist cannot be devoutly religious. Virtually a unanimous consensus among Vanderbilt science faculty would admit that intelligent design fails as a scientific theory, Haglund said.


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