Friday, February 17, 2006


Toledo: District to Stick With Standards

On Feb. 14, the Ohio ACLU sent a letter to the Toledo Public Schools demanding that they cease allowing staff to teach intelligent design in science classrooms throughout the district.

The ACLU noted that a news article in the Toledo Blade featured teachers in the Toledo Public School system who admitted teaching intelligent design in science classrooms. In the article, teachers acknowledged they taught lessons on various pieces of evidence that seemed to refute evolutionary theory, despite the fact that all were proven to be hoaxes by the scientific community.

The next day, Feb. 15, John Foley, the school district's chief of staff said, "We intend to inform our teachers that they need to stick with the state standards."

"We have sanctioned the state standards, which includes evolution as the scientifically proven theory" of how life developed, Foley added.

Darlene Fisher, president of the Toledo Board of Education, said the district will send a reminder to those in charge of curriculum that all must adhere to the state standards.


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