Monday, February 06, 2006


Preaching Science, Practicing Deception

Phillip Johnson, the father of intelligent design theory, continues his speaking tour of major academic and scientific research institutions with a Feb. 8 appearance at Campbell University in Bules Creek, North Carolina.

The FAQ section of the Campbell website notes: "the purpose of Campbell University arises out of three basic theological and Biblical presuppositions: learning is appointed and conserved by God as essential to the fulfillment of human destiny; in Christ, all things consist and find ultimate unity; and the Kingdom of God in this world is rooted and grounded in Christian community."

Here's an offering from Campbell's Biology Dept.:

351 Creation, Evolution, or Both? (3)
An investigation into the origins of life, using an integrated scientific and Christian perspective. Coverage includes the scientific method, the philosophy of science, the relationship of science and religion, the history of evolutionary theory, the science behind evolutionary theory, the history of creationism, young-earth creationism, intelligent design, and major creationist objections to evolutionary theory, focusing on the geological record and earth history. Three lecture hours per week. Occasional Fall semesters. Prerequisites: BIOL 111, ENGL 101, 102, and two 200-level literature courses; RELG 125.


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