Sunday, February 26, 2006


Practical Atheists

If everyone intelligent design activists labeled as an atheist actually was, then the world would be filled with atheists, and there'd be no problem defending science education in the public schools.

A case in point is Kansas State geology professor Keith Miller, a member of Kansas Citizens for Science, one of the most highly articulate defenders of evolution in the state, and a deeply devout Evangelical Christian.

In a letter to the Manhattan Mercury, Richard Smith, an interim pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Manhattan, made these prescient observations in response to a column by Miller defending science education in the state:
Scientists of past years clearly demonstrate in their writings that the modern view of science promotes an atheistic worldview. As expressed in his recent column, Miller's own worldview is atheistic. While he may not be an atheist, his view is practical atheism. Miller thinks that the effort to change the science education standards by the Kansas Board of Education "is firmly rooted in the utterly false warfare view of science and faith." This is an ostrich (head in sand)observation. How can anyone not see that science has been at war with religion for a long time?

All RSR can say Rev. Smith is keep sending all those practical atheists our way. We'll welcome them, each and every one, with open arms. That's our sermon for this Sunday.


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