Thursday, February 23, 2006


Oklahoma Urged to Reject ID

An editorial in the Enid News (Oklahoma) urges the state to reject intelligent design:

We think the state would be wise to avoid going down this divisive road. Intelligent design is not science, and thus should not be taught in science classes. It is better suited for discussion in philosophy or comparative religion classes.

Science teachers would be better off sticking to science, not dealing in theories that border on religion.

The National Academy of Sciences, the agency that advises the government on critical national issues, supports the theory of evolution as “one of the foundations of modern science.”

By permitting the teaching of intelligent design, the Legislature would be opening the state up to time-consuming and costly court challenges.

There is no harm at looking at both sides of any issue, even the origin of life. But a science class in a public school is not the place to do it.

We also oppose a measure authored by Rep. Odilia Dank, R-Oklahoma City, which would allow students to leave their school for one hour each week for religious instruction without being counted absent.

A bill, authored by Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, that would authorize instructors to teach broader views of evolution without fear of legal consequence is pending in the Oklahoma Legislature.

Thanks to reader IB for keeping Oklahoma on our radar screen.


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