Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Ohio Board to Revisit ID Lesson Plan?

Jim Provance of the Toledo Blade reports that critics of Ohio's science lesson plan which contains a controversial lesson plan drafted by intelligent design activists are hoping recent comments by Gov. Bob Taft will convince regulators to pull the controversial language next week:

"The governor thinks evolution should be taught and tested," said Taft spokesman Mark Rickel. "He's OK with the standards as written. They do not mandate teaching intelligent design.

"He said the [state Board of Education] should have its attorneys look at the lesson plan in light of the Dover case," Mr. Rickel said. "He's not aware of what the lesson plan calls for."

Scientists, educators, and supporters of science education hope the presence of two members who were absent in January, plus Mr. Taft's more recent rhetoric, will result in a different outcome when the board meets again on Feb. 14.


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