Monday, February 27, 2006


No Consensus Among Faithful on ID

The often repeated litany of intelligent design activists is that evolution and atheism are one in the same. Still many members of the clergy remain unconvinced according to Phil Anderson of the The Topeka Capital-Journal.

"Some Topeka-area clergy members look at what the Kansas State Board of Education has done about standards for teaching evolution and see that it was good. Others wish the creators of these guidelines had rested on the first through seventh days."

The Rev. Andrew McHenry, of Maple Hill Community Congregational Church acknowledges that while some in the faith community are a part of the ongoing debate, no single viewpoint could be called representative of an entire religious group, according to Anderson. A variety of viewpoints exist within a single religious group -- and in a great many cases, within a single congregation. McHenry would prefer that the school board quit wasting time on a debate that never seems to end.

The intelligent design blowhards at the Discovery Institute claim to speak for people of faith. This article proves they do not.


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