Thursday, February 02, 2006


Miraculous Design

"One of the chief problems with ID is its arbitrary application of the non-scientific, purely subjective word "intelligent" to natural phenomena," writes James H. Dee, a retired classics professor, in The Austin American-Statesman. "However, if we consider, among many counter-examples, life's ruthlessly predatory and destructive aspects ("nature red in tooth and claw") — or just the oddity of nipples on men — this "intelligence" seems much less evident."

Since proponents focus on ostensibly inexplicable facts and unhesitantly invoke divine intervention, why not call it "MD" ("Miraculous Design") instead of using the misleading and blatantly anthropomorphic word "intelligent"?

Thanks to sharp-eyed RSR reader BF, who, incidently, hails from the Lonestar state for calling it to our attention.


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