Friday, February 10, 2006


Kansas School Board Candidate Announces

David Oliphant, an architect, has entered the 3rd District race for Kansas Board of Education, according to David Klepper of the Kansas City Star. Oliphant says the recent controversy over the teaching of evolution convinced him to run.

Oliphant, 47, said he objects to last year’s board decision to incorporate criticism of evolution into the state science standards. He said that’s a decision that should be left to local school districts.

Retired science teacher Harry McDonald, a former president of Kansas Citizens for Science has already announced he is running in the Republican primary for the seat now held by incumbent board member and intelligent design supporter John Bacon.

Don Weiss, a Democrat, is also running for his party's nomination.

Incumbent John Bacon has not yet announced his intention to run, but has accepted campaign contributions from right-wing PACs affiliated with the Kansas Republican Assembly.


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