Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Kansas: The Handwriting on the Wall

The Kansas Board of Education hasn't made any move to reconsider science standards even though Judge John Jones ruled it unconstitutional to teach intelligent design in the Dover case, and the Ohio School Board voted recently to take ID-inspired "critical analysis" language out of its standards there, as a result.

Yesterday, the Dover Board voted to pay $1 million in attorney's fees after they lost that case. So, why hasn't the Kansas board acted to keep taxpayers here from footing the bill for a large settlement?

The answer, from board spokesman David Awbrey, may surprise you.

First, the standards haven't been tied to a lesson plan in Kansas as they were in Ohio.

Board members have said they will not revisit the standard this year because the board composition might change, Awbrey said. Four of the six conservatives who supported it are among five seeking re-election, and they face challengers in both the Republican primary and general election."

Conservative board member Iris Van Meter has yet file for re-election, or raise money for a campaign, and no other conservative has announced for her seat.

Other conservatives may have trouble getting re-elected, particularly Connie Morris. John Bacon and Ken Willard have come in for increasing criticism, and both have been slow to raise campaign contributions.

Perhaps, they already see the handwriting on the wall.


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