Thursday, February 23, 2006



A group of graduate students has written to the South Carolina Aquarium to complain about the lack of evolutionary material it had on display, according to the Charleston City Paper.
"If the Aquarium is to excel in education, as its mission statement claims, it must devote resources to explaining the central idea of biology. The theory enables us to describe how the Aquarium's 10,000 plants and animals are related," wrote Natalie Renew, a graduate student in Public Administration at the College of Charleston.

To read the clueless response from Aquarium director Whit McMillan, which mirrors the equally clueless response from a number of programming directors at IMAX theaters located in science museums last year, go here.

For now, here's a sample for those who are growing short on time and patience: McMillan is "fairly certain" there wasn't any conscious omission of evolutionary material during the aquarium's creation.


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