Thursday, February 09, 2006


Blood Vessels Recovered From T. Rex Bone

Jeff Hecht of New Scientist reports that "palaeontologists have extracted soft, flexible structures that appear to be blood vessels from the bone of a Tyrannosaurus rex that died 68 million years ago.

"They also have found small red microstructures that resemble red blood cells.
The discovery suggests biological information can be recovered from a wider range of fossil material than realised, which would greatly help the tracing of evolutionary relationships."

Oops: As you'll see from the comment below, RSR should have looked a little more closely at the date on this item. In fact, we posted on this about a year ago, and from our reading -- and perhaps faulty memory -- thought we were reading an update of the original notice. In fact, as the reader notes, the reported finding is controversial, and has been commented on extensively in other forums, including Pandas Thumb.


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