Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Arranged Marriage: Weird Science and Contrived Dualism

"In an interview, [Ohio school board member] Owens Fink maintains that she has no intention of bringing intelligent design into the classroom. Her desire, she says, is to strengthen the teaching of evolution by allowing for disagreements 'within the scientific community.'

"But a close reading of Calvert and Lattimer’s writings indicates that intelligent design is the only competing explanation. In January 2002 remarks to the Ohio Board of Education’s standards committee, Calvert, a geologist and lawyer by training, said, “There are essentially only two scientific hypotheses about our origins. The Naturalistic (evolution) and the Design Hypothesis.” The board should censor neither, Calvert argued, adding “science essentially abandons the scientific method” when it ignores design."

From an article by Charu Gupta in The Free Times, Ohio's premier news, arts, and entertainment weekly


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