Wednesday, February 01, 2006


100 K-State Profs Ask District to Reject Science Standards

Leah Fliter, a staff writer for the Manhattan (Kansas) Mercury reports (sub. req.) that, "the Manhattan-Ogden Board of Education will be asked Wednesday to approve a resolution that rejects the Kansas State Board of Education's change in the state's science standards last November.
The request comes in the form of a document, signed by more than 100 Kansas State University professors, asking the board to endorse a definition of science developed by the Kansas Science Education Standards Revision Committee but rejected by the state board. The professors also want the board to state that the science standards used in that definition will be used in the district's science curricula.

Biology professor Mike Herman, who is expected to advocate for the statement at Wednesday's meeting, said this morning "we are concerned about education of children all over the state and there's little we can do about that now, but we want to insure that students in Manhattan receive a quality education."

View a pdf (page 4) of the resolution, here.


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