Saturday, January 21, 2006


Utah Sen. Chris Buttars: Then and Now

Then: "The campaign to eliminate God from the public forum has been going on for decades, having accelerated greatly since the Supreme Court's ill-advised decision in 1963 to eliminate prayer from public schools. And I believe those fighting against the teaching of intelligent design in schools have an ulterior motive to eliminate references to God from the entire public forum.

"The argument over classroom discussion of evolution vs. divine design is just the latest attack on everything that would mention a belief in God."
-- Utah Sen. Chris Buttars in an August 8, 2005 USAToday Op-Ed

Now: "I've never advocated for, never included anything about intelligent design, creationism or any faith-based philosophy.. (Opponents) say what you're trying to do is sneak the camel's nose inside the tent. By inserting these two words, it becomes 100 percent clear that we're talking about various scientific views.''
-- Utah Sen. Chris Buttars Yesterday


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