Monday, January 09, 2006


Those Darned Atheistic Christians

Religious extremists never tire, it seems, of telling the rest of us that opposition to teaching creationism or intelligent design in science classes is nothing more than an atheistically inspired attack on all Christians.

That is why they never acknowledge that much of the opposition to their attacks on science education comes from the ranks those who want to defend the religious freedoms guaranteed by the constitution -- all of which flow from the separation of church and state.

Most of those who want to defend religious freedom are, in fact, Christians who want to prevent the state from intervening in battles between the many Christian sects in this country. They see granting the right of everyone to follow the faith of their choice as a matter of self-defense in a pluralistic society.

Here's an example of this phenomena from reporter Lauri Lebo in the York Daily Record:

The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg is offering a course this month on Dover Area School District's intelligent design battle.

The class, "God, Evolution, Intelligent Design and Dover, Pa.: A Practical Theology," will allow students to "explore questions regarding the relationship of religion and science, and the implications of that relationship for contemporary ministry...

"The timing of this comes out of the public discussion," said the Rev. John R. Spangler, director of communications at the seminary.

The seminary has been especially interested in the Dover story because the Rev. Warren Eshbach, a founder of Dover CARES and one of the most prominent critics of Dover's revoked intelligent design policy, is also an adjunct faculty member.

The seminary touts Eshbach's involvement in the Dover case as one of its most important issues of 2005.


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