Monday, January 30, 2006


Take Back Kansas

RSR wasn't able to cover it, but Josh Rosenau, the proprietor of the Thoughts from Kansas blog, has a good report on the "Take Back Kansas" event sponsored by the MAINstream Coalition at the Plymouth Congregational Church last Thursday. The event was designed to begin to pull together opposition to the wingnuts who've taken over the the Kansas legislature and state school board.

According to Josh, the event was an enormous success, drawing about 350 participants and a number of moderate candidates from around the state. In our experience, these sort of events are generally sparsely attended, sometimes they attract just the candidates, their staff, and a handful of reporters. We take this well-attended event as further evidence that opposition to the ham-handed policies of the religious right is growing, and will be a key factor in the primary election in August, and the general election come November.

Read Josh's post, here.


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