Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Sue Gamble Urges Support for Kansas Alliance for Education

Moderate Kansas State School Board member Sue Gamble has written constituents asking them to support and contribute to the goals of the Kansas Alliance for Education. Gamble has been a strong defender of common sense and moderation on the board. Here's what she has to say:

I have received many e-mails over the last year about a wide range of subjects, from science, sex education standards, school finance, and selection of the Kansas Commissioner of Education, to the Commissioner’s attempt to introduce legislation to provide vouchers and charter schools outside the supervision of local boards of education.

All of your messages had one thing in common - you strongly disagreed with the actions of the six-member ultra-conservative majority on the Kansas State Board of Education and the new Commissioner of Education.

The Kansas Alliance for Education is non-partisan and is committed to supporting the right candidates in the Kansas State Board of Education races in 2006. The Kansas Alliance for Education has adopted the following principles:

The Kansas Alliance for Education has formed a Political Action Committee that is raising money to inform the public about issues pertinent to the State Board of Education. This money is needed to pay for television ads, newspaper ads, and direct mailings to educate about the issues.

All this will be expensive but necessary to ensure a large voter turnout for these important races. The Kansas Alliance for Education will also stress the urgency of voting in the 2006 Primary and General Elections and provide information about their endorsed candidates.

Please help this brave group of citizens make a difference in Kansas public education. Your contribution will help retain Janet Waugh, the moderate past president of the board, and help defeat the four ultra-conservative members up for election in 2006: John Bacon, Iris Van Meter, Ken Willard, and Connie Morris. Please contribute today.

The Kansas Alliance for Education intends to use electronic communication for fund raising as much as possible because it is so cost effective and easy to use. And here's another benefit – electronic communication gives supporters like you more opportunities to get involved.

This is going to be true grass roots politics but it won’t happen without your help. Please visit www.ksalliance.org today and make a contribution.

Sincerest regards, Sue Gamble

PS: I know we have just finished the holidays and everyone feels really broke; however, returning Kansas education to a common sense moderate base is imperative. Currently KAE estimates that they will need over $500,000 to accomplish the goal of defeating the four ultra-conservatives and retaining Janet Waugh. So, please dig deep and ask others to do the same.


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