Monday, January 30, 2006


Richard Katskee of Americans United in Kansas

Richard Katskee, left, assistant legal director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State with Dover plaintiff's attorney Steve Harvey at the Kansas Citizens for Science Intelligent Design, Kansas Science Education, and the Law event at the Dole Center in Lawrence, Saturday.

Richard Katskee of Americans United expects that we'll see a couple more cases like Dover in the near future. "Some people," says Katskee, "will have to put their hand on the stove."

Katskee expects supporters of intelligent design to pursue four parallel strategies in the coming months. As in the El Tejon case, some school districts will attempt to advocate intelligent design in classes other than science.

We might also expect intelligent design proponents to arrange for teachers to teach ID on their own, as in Gull Lake, Mich., and then sue the school board if they are ordered to stop.

Other school boards, notes Katskee, may decide to take a page from the Cobb County school district and place warning labels on biology textbooks.

Finally, supporters of science education and separation of church and state should expect more critical attacks on evolution such as those we are seeing in Kansas, Ohio, and Utah.


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