Friday, January 27, 2006

Red State Rabble is one year old today. Sometime in the next few hours, RSR will record its 210,000th hit. We know some of the big blogs would look at this number with deep concern if they didn't beat it by noon most days of the week. We, on the other hand, see ourselves as a boutique sort of operation, and we're absolutely amazed.

In Kansas, 2005 was the wingnut's year. They rammed antiscience standards through the state school board, appointed the woeful Bob Corkins as Education Commissioner, and developed an inordinate fondness for vouchers and charter schools at the expense of educating the state's school children.

2006 is shaping up -- from what we can observe, so far -- as the year sensible people woke up and took back the state school board. The general election is just 10 months away and all the early indicators look good.

Stick with us as moderate Kansans take back their state.


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