Saturday, January 21, 2006


Ohio: Sweetness and Light

As a fan of college basketball, and in particular, the Kansas Jayhawks, Red State Rabble has always found it highly amusing when fans sitting in the student section open newspapers and pretend to read during introductions for the visiting team.

We find it less amusing, however, when it's done by elected public officials, as was the case last week with intelligent design advocates who are members of the Ohio School Board:

At one point, Cochran opened a newspaper, joining Baker who had been reading since the board first began debating the issue hours earlier.

The display prompted Brian McEnnis, an Ohio State math professor, to ask, "I would appreciate, sirs, Mr. Cochran and Mr. Baker, if you would refrain from public displays of rude behavior by reading the newspaper when I’m . . ."

Cochran interrupted: "I’m going to do what I want to do when I’m sitting at this table without any type of . . . "

"Mr. Cochran," interrupted board President Sue Westendorf , an appointed member from Bowling Green, banging her gavel. " . . . interruption by you," Cochran continued. "If you say something appropriate, I’ll listen to it."

Yesterday, Cochran and Fink said they may have gone too far in some of their remarks to witnesses but stopped short of apologizing.


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