Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Hell in a Handbasket

Yesterday, Red State Rabble reported Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher, a Republican and former lay Baptist minister as saying, "... the very foundation of democracy is based on intelligent design."

Since we tend to pay more attention to the citizens of Oz who currently populate the Kansas state school board and legislature, we were blissfully unaware of the whole story on Gov. Fletcher.

Jonathan Gitlin writing on Nobel Intent: Kentucky, an Arstechnica Journal, came to our rescue, painting in some of the more colorful details, in a post titled, "Kentucky's governor wants ID taught as science."

Our governor ranks in a top five of his own. Top five most unpopular governors, that is. Ernie Fletcher, former air force pilot, preacher, and MD, is mired in yet another example of political corruption and cronyism that we're growing used to, thanks to the contributions of his fellow politicians like Tom DeLay, Bill Frist, Bob Taft, Bob Ney and Randy Cunningham. His approval rating is below 33%, and it shows no sign of rising anytime soon.
Why is it that the creationists and intelligent design theorists who preach loudly that teaching evolution will send us all to hell in a handbasket, seem so utterly incapable of following simple ethical standards and moral guidelines themselves?


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