Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Eric Rothschild, the plaintiffs' lead attorney in the Dover intelligent design trial began his presentation in Lawrence Saturday by reading a statement by Fred Callahan, one of the Dover plaintiffs. At the trial, Callahan testified he joined the First Amendment lawsuit mostly at the behest of his wife. When he did, people called him intolerant.

"What am I supposed to tolerate?" Rothschild quoted Callahan as asking. "A small encroachment of my First Amendment rights? Well, I'm not going to."

Rothschild also noted that while opponents of the Dover ruling have taken to calling Judge Jones an activist judge for ruling that ID is not science, both sides asked Jones to rule on that very issue. After listening to the evidence -- which included hearing ID proponents Michael Behe and Scott Minnich make their case -- the judge found that the evidence was overwhelming: ID is not science.


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