Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Divine Design Move Ahead

From a report by Douglas C. Pizac published in Deseret News in Utah: "Following testimony on the merits of Darwin's theory of evolution, a bill the sponsor hopes will prevent talk that humans evolved from apes cleared its first legislative hurdle Tuesday.

"The Senate Education Standing Committee voted 4-2 to send SB96, sponsored by Sen. Chris Buttars, R-West Jordan, to the full Senate for debate."

In defending his bill, Buttars demonstrated that he's picked up his game based on coaching points from the Seattle-based Discovery Institute:

The bill makes no mention of intelligent design or evolution, according to Pizac. "Rather, it focuses on avoiding "the perception that all scientists agree on any one theory, or that the state endorses one theory over another" regarding life's origin, "in order to encourage students to critically analyze theories regarding the origins of life . . . or present state of the human race."

"There is no faith-based in here. They're all inferring that. I don't know why they're doing that," Buttars said. "All the bill says is, don't overstate what you don't know."


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