Monday, January 30, 2006


Can't Stand on the Sidelines Anymore

Last night, we linked to a report by Josh Rosenau about the MAINstream Coalition meeting in Lawrence last Thursday. In the comments, Diane Silver called our attention to a post on her aptly named blog -- In This Moment: An Uncommon Blog of Hope and Politics.

Silver is a former wire service editor and newspaper reporter who once covered the Kansas Statehouse for The Wichita Eagle who describes herself as a mother, a political gadfly -- RSR likes gadflies -- and a frustrated citizen who feels like she can’t stand on the sidelines anymore.

Her post, "January 25, 2006: The birth of the movement to take back Kansas," was just too good to leave buried in the comments section. That's why we're promoting it up here. In her post, Silver asks how you know when you’re present at the birth of a movement. "Is there a particular day, or an instant," Silver wonders, "that you can point to and say 'here is where it started?'"

Silver's writing is exceptional. She is especially good at capturing the dawning recognition among many of us that the pendulum is beginning, finally, to swing the other way. Her experience as a frustrated citizen who feels she can no longer stand on the sidelines anymore is being repeated all across the state of Kansas. More important, those who have resolved to take back Kansas no longer feel isolated and alone. They are part of a movement that is self-confident and growing.

Clearly, those lucky enough to be at the MAINstream event in Lawrence came away with a strong feeling for the activism, good sense, determination, and growing power of those who have resolved that enough is enough. It's time -- past time -- to fight back.

Pay Silver's blog a visit and see if you too don't come away with the feeling that big things are shaking in Kansas.


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