Friday, December 02, 2005


Trouble in Paradise

For some weeks, we’ve been assuring the neighbors we’d rake the leaves so as not to let the property values in the neighborhood slip. Perhaps more significantly, we’d promised Mrs. Red State Rabble that we’d finally get the house ready for winter. And we really planned to get started on it today. Then, just as we were getting ready to begin, the New Yorker with Margaret Talbot’s “Darwin in the Dock” article -- about the recently completed Dover intelligent design trial -- hit the mailbox.

The first thing that caught our eye as we shoved the dog out of our armchair and began to read was the full-page Steve Brodner cartoon depicting Michael Behe being cross-examined by plaintiff’s attorney Eric Rothschild.

That’s when we began to sense trouble brewing in paradise.

The caption reads: “At the trial, Michael Behe, the leading intellectual of intelligent design, was cross-examined with cheerful mercilessness by Eric Rothschild. For six weeks, the courtroom of Judge John E. Jones III was like the biology class you wished you could have taken.”

The leading intellectual of intelligent design… Hmm, we always thought that if you had to name just one leading intellectual of intelligent design, you’d name William Dembski. We’re pretty sure that’s who Dembski would name, too.

Dembski’s acolytes like to refer to him as the Isaac Newton of information theory and, as far as we know, Dembski’s never bothered to correct them.

We must admit, though, we see him more as the Oliver Cromwell of the movement...


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