Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Paul Mirecki: Their Morals and Ours

Here's an excerpt from a post about KU religious studies professor Paul Mirecki titled, "Open-Minded Intolerance" published on the Intellectual Conservative website: "University of Kansas Professor Paul Mirecki's goal is to "slap" the "big fat face" of "fundies" by teaching a class on Intelligent Design under the category of mythology," writes Rudy Takala.
The problem with teaching evolution as a fact is that, when people are the self-professed descendants of apes, they begin to act accordingly. That’s why progressive liberals don’t see anything wrong with ridiculing their opposition, abusing their power, using vulgarities, and, when possible, paying themselves with your tax dollars.

If teaching evolution causes people to act like apes, then what excuse, we wonder, do conservatives offer for the religious fundamentalists who beat Prof. Mirecki along a rural Kansas road, yesterday.


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