Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Pants on Fire

U.S. Middle District Attorney Thomas A. Marino says testimony in the Dover Area School District's intelligent design case is under review to determine if perjury charges should be pursued.

In his ruling, Judge John E. Jones III wrote that former board members Alan Bonsell and William Buckingham, leading proponents of the intelligent design policy, "lied at their Jan. 3, 2005, depositions about their knowledge of the source of the donation for Pandas..., This mendacity was a clear and deliberate attempt to hide the source of the donations by [Bonsell and Buckingham] to further ensure that Dover students received a creationist alternative to Darwin's theory of evolution."

Why is it that biblical literalists -- self-proclaimed experts at interpreting the Bible -- have such trouble understanding a simple, straightforward phrase such as, "Thou shalt not bear false witness... ?


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